Where is she now? :: A Brief Update with Exhaustive Imagery::

29 Oct

Several months ago I signed off from this blog to better utilize my energies on the life events taking place.

What has transpired would most definitely become a novella in no time if I were to attempt to recapitulate the totality of it all. It simply cannot be done, readers – until I publish my memoir that is.

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, and if that is true then you are in luck: I like to take pictures.

Going forward, this blog will continue to be a place for me to share my musings and innerwork, with focus striving always for the positive. Time is difficult to find these days to post anything of quality, but I will do my best.

Briefly: I am still in the process of divorce, which was the last post I updated with personal information prior to the hiatus. Not much to report there – some things are best kept private, especially things which are confusing and heartbreaking. I have been moving forward, kids in tow, for 8 months now, and I must say I am amazed at life and how things continue to unfold. Suffice it to say, I get by with a little LOT of help from my friends — love and gratitude to them all. Muaw!

For one thing, I am still working on my Masters in Education w/ Waldorf Education emphasis and had an incredible, soul-changing time in Milwaukee in July and recently for my Fall courses in October, working alongside amazing teachers/classmates/new friends; it is proving to be the most nourishing, creative, stimulating, and altruistic endeavor I have undertaken and I am truly blessed for the opportunity to go down this path. I finish my first of 3 years in December – my how time flies!

Pictures of my Waldorf training intensive in July:

Pictures of Milwaukee last week (course this Fall is interesting: Mathematics in the Waldorf School and Curriculum Design – lots of geometry!):

In other news, my beautiful little sister moved in with me and I am having a blast reconnecting with her and finding relief in her support and company. P.S. She is a salsa dance instructor and let me tell you – she is amazing! I am having so much fun dancing and chatting the night away with her…

Together we have moved from my little two bedroom “tiny house” after a barrage of unfortunate run-ins with the neighorhood’s off-leashed dogs, which reduced our “urban farm” by one chicken and one cat (yes, we have cats now!). The move was seamless – a quiet, comfortable, roomy 3 bedroom duplex just outside of “town” now houses our little family and we are having a great time making it “home”. Our dear friend Polina now raises our backyard hens, and we house the cats, Gretel and Alfie, as well as Boogers, my sisters very colorful and very quirky bird. (Folks, I am not exaggerating. I just watched Boogers take a bath in the sink and he is quite a character!)

Pics of the new place, 1 week after moving in (so excuse the slight mess and chaos):

Perhaps the final update should be that I recently found “work” work! I have been freelancing with a few clients over the last 6 months, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that to afford better education for the children and all that they need, I really needed a job with consistent pay. As though Divinely picked (then again – what isn’t?!), the first and only local job I applied to (which seemed pinch-me-perfect from the get go) recently wrapped up interviews and officially offered me a position with their team. I am now the Web Education Coordinator for a local non-profit whose aim is to improve patient care by assisting physicians in evidence-based medical practice – something I can really feel good about. I am now a salaried professional with my own office and some light travel, but the most unique and lovely thing is the built in flex time so that my office hours are only during the times the children are in school – an incredible opportunity for me who has been so determined to find a work schedule that compliments their schooling as I can work from home in my off-hours at my own discretion. I am excited to work with this team of dynamic working mothers in a family-oriented small company doing good things — truly a karmic cocktail of light and love I have so been looking forward to.

Without further adeiu, more pictures for your viewing pleasure… highlights from Summer and Fall, including Saturday evening bonfires, craft nights, Harvest Hootenanny and random goodness to most recently my Dia de los Muertos costume for the Uprise Halloween party last weekend:

Until next time…
Vivian Rose

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    So happy for you Vivian!

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