Waldorf and Unschooling?

1 Aug

I meant to share a link in my last blog post about alternative schooling methods which is a blog of one of the veteran homeschooling mamas of the local book group I’ve been mentioning. She recently moved to live near her daughter who’ll be teaching Eurythmy at a Waldorf school in another state, but I had the pleasure of hearing just a bit about her story and meeting her daughter during our book group before they moved.

I found her insights into utilizing both Steiner and Holt (waldorf and unschooling) really insightful, inspiring, and quite a relief, and for those interested in trying to accomodate both of these methods into their homeschooling, you might too!

Here’s the link again.

Also, there is a series on Waldorf and Unschooling at The Parenting Passageway that I go back to again and again:
Waldorf and Unschooling
Waldorf and Unschooling – teacher/student relationship – birth – age 7
Waldorf and Unschooling – teacher/student relationship – the grades

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  1. Alison Moore Smith 09. Nov, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Interesting info. I’ve not ever been sure why people feel the need to gerrymander methods together. If ideologies clash, then selecting the parts that work, would seem to solve the problem.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Why I’m Not Unschooling =-.

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